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This is the place where we all pull together as one

Four values sit at the very heart of our organisation. They are standards which reflect the expectations we have and underpin every decision and action we make. Our values help us to work together in order to keep improving our organisation and ourselves. They also form part of our Performance Review process and act as a measure of how well we are doing in our job.

So if you’re thinking about joining us, here are the qualities you will be expected to embody:


Patient & People Focus

As a member of our team you will place patients and other people first. In order to do this, you will:

  • Make sure patients and service users feel listen to and engaged with
  • Be clear and comprehensive when communicating with others
  • Strive to create trusting relationships
  • Show compassion and empathy

Continuous Improvement

We always move forward and seek to improve the ways things are done. In your role, you will be expected to:

  • Actively promote a culture of innovation, improvement and learning
  • Make decisions which are result-driven and based on facts
  • Think critically to analyse the ways we are measuring and auditing improvements and sharing best practice
  • Collaborate with colleagues and external stakeholders
  • Actively empower the ideas and capabilities of others
  • Pro-actively develop goals and objectives in support of the NCA’s vision
  • Identify opportunities to reduce waste and inefficiency


We all feel responsible for keeping our organisation safe. This shows in the way we care for our people and the way we conduct ourselves. To meet this quality, you will:

  • Be answerable for decisions, actions and omissions
  • Be dependable and act as a role model
  • Recognise and accept accountability beyond your job role
  • Maintain confidentiality of patient data and other sensitive information
  • Be open, transparent and results focused


We respect patients, service users, colleagues and the reputation of our organisation. As an important member of our organisation, you will be expected to do the same. Therefore you will:

  • Treat everyone with respect and courtesy
  • Carry out role and responsibilities in an efficient, diligent and professional manner
  • Keep an open mind and do not prejudge situations or individuals
  • Act with fairness and impartiality
  • Ensure decisions are not influenced by improper considerations of personal gain
  • Avoid any activities which may bring the organisation into disrepute
  • Consistently show we understand the needs and diversity of others

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