The place with equality, equity and inclusion at its heart

The NCA is committed to creating an inclusive recruitment process that allows the best candidate(s) to be recruited.  

Inclusion is a value that is lived not just by words but by our actions and the culture we create.

We strive to remove barriers, so everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to join the NCA and bring their individual talents and strengths to our team. 

We do this by: 

  • Using a blind recruitment process – hiding identifiable information from job applications to limit bias in shortlisting
  • Training hiring managers on recruitment best practice
  • Involving cultural ambassadors during each stage of the recruitment process for senior posts
  • Providing reasonable adjustments for candidates with a disability
  • Using guaranteed interviews to support disabled applicants, and those from the Armed Forces community to enhance their access to interview 
  • Using a range of diverse assessment methods, to ensure applicants are not unfairly disadvantaged or advantaged by a specific form of assessment
  • Arranging virtual interviews (if appropriate)

We are also piloting sharing interview questions in advance for a range of our vacancies. This approach is being tested to create a more level and fairer playing field for candidates, particularly for neurodiverse candidates or for candidates whose first language isn’t English.